KS TwinGear – the compact bevel-helical gear

The compact gear is high-performing and extremely precise. Thanks to its slim line construction, this two-stage gearbox performs very well in any application, with transmission ratios of up to 50:1. The high torsional stiffness and the low backlash result in a large reserve capacity, even at high speeds. Our compact gears from Vienna also boast the following special features:

  • Can be directly mounted on the motor or using a coupling
  • Particularly low-noise
  • Output shaft with shrunk-on spur gear pinion for rack and pinion drive
  • Hollow output shaft for shrink disc connection as shaft-mounted gearbox

Compact gears – specifications

KSGear 10 to KSGear 50

  • Transmission ratios i=20, 25, 30, 40, 50

Compact gears – series and dimensions

Solid shaft series L

  • KS….L

Hollow shaft series H

  • KS….H

Solid shaft series & motor flange FL

  • KS….FL

Hollow shaft series & motor flange FH

  • KS….FH

Compact gears – options and accessories


Support stand, IEC output flange, attachment rails (BL), universal base boards (UF)

Compact gears - design and dimensioning

KSGear design

KSGear design

KSGear lubricants

KS-TwinGear Order key