The VRT series sets the new standard in applications requiring extremely high torque density and rigidity. Its compact design and robotic industry ISO flange is ideal for equipment requiring high speed, high precision indexing movement and streamlined installation. The remarkable torsional stiffness and ultra low backlash combine to provide outstanding positioning accuracy. This product comes standard with <3 arc-min backlash, but is also available with reduced options down to <1 arc-min. The VRT is the most robust planetary solution in the marketplace.

The EVT combines the compactness and performance of the VRT series with a right angle bevel system to provide the ultimate space saving solution for highly dynamic applications.

The ISO flange interface allows for easy mounting of index tables, pinions, timing belt pulleys and other mechanical components without the need for a coupling.

The EVT is advantageous in applications requiring high accuracy, torsional stiffness and moment loading. Oversized dual tapered roller bearings allow the EVT to handle larger radial and thrust forces found in applications within the machine tool, aerospace or robotics industries.

  • The most compact and robust option for machine builders. Tapered roller bearings allow for high radial and axial loading
  • ISO robotic mounting interface for superior flexibility and direct mounting of pinions, pulleys and turntables
  • Exceptional torsional rigidity for high positional accuracy needs
  • Best-In-class standard backlash (≤3 arc-min) with reduced backlash options available
  • Broad range of mounting adapters offer a simple, precise attachment to any motor
  • Maintenance-free solution that is lubricated for life. High performance grease allows flexible mounting in any orientation

VRT - PlanetGear

VRT-Series_PGF_PLFE_Planetary gearbox_flange block gearbox.png
  • 8 sizes in one- and two-stage design
  • 20 ratios from 4:1 to 100:1
  • Acceleration torque range from 12 to 5300Nm


  • 6 sizes in two- and three-stage design
  • 20 ratios from 4:1 to 100:1
  • Acceleration torque range from 32 to 2960Nm