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BevelGear - The versatile bevel gear set

MS-Graessner produces high-quality bevel gears in Germany using the Gleason process.
We produce milled gears according to DIN 3965 in gear quality ≤ 7 and ground gears according to DIN 3965 in gear quality ≤ 5.


Advantages of spiral, hypoid and Zerol® bevel gears

  • High level of coverage due to the fact that several teeth are meshed simultaneously
  • Resistant to elastic deformation of gears, shafts, and bearings
  • Circular arc gear teeth are more resistant to bending than straight and oblique gear teeth
  • Very gentle transmission even at high-speed operation and under heavy load

  • Noise and oscillation damped even at high peripheral speeds
  • Gear sets can be assembled in your preferred direction of rotation
  • > 97% efficiency depending upon layout and lubrication
  • Due to convex tooth-loading the load is not concentrated on the tooth-ends
  • All gear sets can be ground and/or lapped in pairs upon request

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