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Economic transmission - VRB

A valuable alternative for applications requiring high positional accuracy and dynamic performance. The VRB is a <3 arc-min gearbox that offers a through hole mounting design, making it easier to assemble onto various equipment. This product is an ideal fit for various belt drive and actuator applications found throughout the packaging and assembly cell automation markets. Various standard wash down and food grade options are available, making the VRB an attractive choice for the toughest environments. We offer the broadest selection of frame sizes and ratios, with immediate availability on most configurations. Industry standard mounting dimensions allow the VRB to be employed in legacy equipment designs, saving our customers time and money.


  • Exceptional value for high end motion control applications with demanding accuracy requirements
  • The widest range of frame sizes and ratios available in the market
  • Best-In-class backlash (≤3 arc-min)
  • Broad range of mounting adapters offer a simple, precise attachment to any motor 
  • Maintenance-free solution that is lubricated for life. High performance grease allows flexible mounting in any orientation
  • Industry standard through-bolt mounting style

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