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The PRE/PRF series is the all-rounder in the planetary gearbox marketplace. With helical gearing, robust internal construction, smooth operation and high torque density, this product is truly best-in-class. 10 arc-min backlash allows the PRE/PRF to be applied to a wide range of applications where accuracy and dynamics are in play, but cost is of concern.
We offer the broadest selection of frame sizes and ratios, giving our customers more flexibility than ever before. Industry-standard mounting dimensions allow the PRE/PRF to be implemented in legacy machine designs, saving our customers valuable time.

➔ Carburized helical gears contribute to reduce vibration and noise.
➔ Uncaged needle roller bearing provide excellent torque density.
➔ Because oft he adapter-bushing connection, the gearbox can be attached to any motor all over the world.
➔ High efficiency (Efficiency rate ≥ 95%)
➔ Maintenance-free
➔ Can be attached in any mounting position.

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