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TwinSpin - The backlash-free robot gear

The Twin-Spin product belongs to the category of high-precision gearboxes and represents a unique technical solution thanks to its sophisticated system of combining a backlash-free gearbox with the arrangement of a robust axial and radial bearing. Since the market launch of this patented gear concept under the brand name TwinSpin, the two companies, Nidec Graessner Austria GmbH and Spinea, s.r.o. have together been working very successfully in the market. Due to its compactness, torque density and extreme overload capacity, TwinSpin has gained a respectable market share and is appreciated by designers and developers in the automation, robotics and machine tool industries.

  • No mechanical backlash
  • For high transmission ratios
  • Kinematic accuracy
  • Extremely strong stiffness
  • Especially suitable for use in robots and rotary tables
  • Suitable for all applications without additional bearing elements

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